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My very first mosaic table!
I used commercial wall- and floor tiles, and mirror for this buffet type of table for serving potlucks
Travertine tile
Roman style table top on plaster bottom
Roman style table
I found the plaster bottom at a furniture place and just HAD to mosaic the top!
Tempered glass table
Stained glass table with mirrors
Plaster bottom, 3 feet diameter. SOLD
Rose table
All recycled materials. SOLD
Tempered glass
Bought this table on Craigs List and transformed the wooden top with paint and TG. Donated to Auction
Using Mexican tiles
Using recycled espresso cups and saucers
Three chicken
These are lids of canisters, found at the Salvation Army!
Three chicken
Three chicken
Stained glass
The trio!
My first stepping stone
Stepping stone
Stained glass was used for this stepping stone
Anniversary gift to a friend
Big garden stone
The green circle is the bottom of a wine bottle. Stained glass and mirrors were used.
My bed
There were 2 metal panels on the top and bottom end of the bed asking for mosaics
Panel at foot end of bed
Head panel
Three tier shelving
I painted it yellow and mosaiced the shelves. SOLD
Three tier shelving
I painted it orange and mosaiced the shelves
Serving tray
A friend gave me a broken plate. I replaced it with a tray using the broken pieces and threw in a new plate for her
Cat panel
It used to cover a cat door in the wall
Kitchen panel
Three dimensional mosaic. This is the non-grouted version. SOLD
Bathroom remodel
See slide show "Bathroom remodel"
Funky floor tiles
See slide show "Bathroom remodel"
Stained glass applied with silicone glue
Glass panel in ceiling
Recessed ceiling with window got its own glass ceiling. At night there is a fluorescent light behind it.
See slide show "Artist at Work"
Mural on lanai
See slide show "Artist at Work"
To match the mural I used the same brown floor tiles
Hale Musaicale
Name of my house, music and mosaics!
3 by 5 feet. I wanted to make something fun and abstract, using a variety of different tesserae (tiles) and materials
Using all recycled materials
Mexican set
I had to replace the seat of one of the chairs using some of the mexican tile I had laying around
Tempered Glass
Glass coaster
I used jalousie window panels and put fern leaves and small flowers between them
Tempered Glass, painted on the back with acrylic paint
Glass on window
I was trying to obstruct the view of the electrical lines going into the house
Matching window sills
Window sills
I used black and white tiles for these
Window sills
I used black and white tiles for these. The tesserae came from dinner plates and regular smaller type of tiles.
Layers of glass glued on a mirror tile
Green Lake
Layers of glass (and tile) glued on a mirror tile. Green Lake is a landmark in my district, now gone because of the most recent lave flow
Window panel
Has its own stand, can be moved around
Window panel
Has its own stand and can be moved around
Window panels
Pebbles, beach glass, tempered glass, tiles and marbles set on a big ceramic ball

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