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Artist Statements


Life is imperfect and impermanent. Mosaics are not: They actually can be perfect and permanent! To satisfy my Soul, which always strives for perfection and beauty, I discovered that mosaics are the perfect vehicle to give birth to my visions of shape, color and texture—-visions which are constantly appearing in my mind.

I stumbled upon mosaics quite accidentally in 2009 when needing a firm, washable surface for a food-serving table (see picture).  For this first project, I used mirror cut in squares,  and pieces of wall- and floor-tile, cut with a BIG tile saw. It turned out to be a lot of fun, quite easy and very satisfying. Plus the end result was pleasing, at least in my eyes.

Since that first project, when the mosaic bug bit me, I have been educating myself about the art of mosaics by reading books, going on the Internet, taking workshops, but also by making tons of stuff using new techniques and materials in each project—- a steep learning curve!

My teachers have been Rachel Rodi (mosaic basics), Laurel True (architectural installations), Ellen Blakeley (tempered glass) and Kelley Knickerbocker (layered glass). The Internet is a great and constant friend, and a source of information on how to best use the materials needed to create beautiful and durable mosaics.

A week-long stay at B&B Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta, which oozes with creativity and inspiration, secured my dedication to make something special of my own home. By enhancing my own environment and inviting visitors from all over the world,

I hope to inspire others to unleash their own creativity!

A recycler at heart, I find myself attracted to tesserae (mosaic tiles) readily available around me at construction sites (stone, marble, travertine), thrift stores (plates, cups, ceramic statues, bottles); also, pebbles, beach glass, broken mirrors, and whatever friends bring me when they break something accidentally (I assume, accidentally). Collecting those materials creates a palette for me and a source of inspiration readily available in my go-to-art supply store at home!

When in need of something special, surfing the web brings treasures: Mexican tile, half marbles, glitter glass tiles, stained glass, floral materials, ball chain, etc. etc. It is so much fun and never ending to discover new stuff and to challenge my mind and soul in how to use them to enhance my mosaics.

When not in the mosaic studio, you will find me teaching young children the piano using the Suzuki method. Dr. Suzuki’s way of introducing children into music is described in his wonderful book “Nurtured by Love”. It is a blessing for me to be around young children; my future plan is to create a mosaic workshop designed for children to introduce them to the art of mosaics.

I am a member of SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists) and CMA (Contemporary Mosaic Art). Both organizations are dedicated to promoting the Art of Mosaics and are a great source of knowledge, networking and inspiration.

Alcohol Inks:

I first found out about Alcohol Inks at a SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists) Mosaic Conference in San Diego in 2016; I was intrigued to say the least! After returning to Hilo, I followed up with some research on line. I ordered some inks and it was love at first sight! The bright colors and the unpredictability of the inks invited and challenged me to venture out on a path of discovery, into a world of awe.

As an abstract artist, I am attracted to colors, shapes and patterns, which are often found in Nature, the ever-present source of solace, peace and power. How lucky we are to live in Hawaii, where we are surrounded by Nature in its many, many forms! Flowers, trees, waves, fish, sunrise, sunset, starry nights, and of course……lava! (Witnessing an active lava flow in 1989 made me move here, all the way from the Netherlands by way of 7 years in NY.)

When using the inks (alcohol with pigments) dropped onto a special plastic paper, I find myself transported into dreamscapes.. It only takes tiny amounts of the colored inks and a few simple tools to create and enter another reality. What to do next, how to proceed? It feels like a journey, and anything can happen. I am really just stumbling along, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best outcome. Indeed, what fun it is! 

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